19.12.2018 [#Learning]

9 success factors to keep ownership for your own learning

Whether it is a training or an internal learning trajectory, keeping ownership for your own learning process is a basic condition for being able and willing to learn, together with others. It is important for an organisation to take this into account, because if there is no learning during the training or learning trajectory, no knowledge transfer will take place, that makes sense. How do you keep ownership for your own learning process, in this case during an internal learning trajectory? Together with a group of participants of an internal learning trajectory which I facilitated, we came up with a number of success factors.

29.11.2018 [#Learning]

Everything you gives attention to, grows

For one person the glass will always be half full, for the other always half empty. You get energy from one person, the other takes energy away from you. Someone will highlight your qualities, while the other will point out what is not going well. Within a certain assignment I see how every participant looks from his/her perception of reality. Perception, because the reality does not exist. At best we agree on what the reality means to us together. And let us not forget the intermediary successes on the way to the end result. Even if someone sees them better or faster than the other.

04.07.2018 [#Organisational strengthening]

First Friday of the Month

The starting shot is given with a short prayer, everyone stands up and closes his / her eyes. God is everywhere and always present here. I am with the customer, it is the first Friday of the month. On that day there is always a collective meeting with all employees coming together in the large meeting room.

13.06.2018 [#Humanstories]

The Disaster

I wish I was not writing this story at this moment. But I want to do it, because I want to make visible the work of the rescue people in Guatemala who tried to save people, risking their own life after the Volcano disaster of last Sunday. I want to honor all women and men, who immediately offered help, shelter to victims, food, medical supplies and psychological support.

08.06.2018 [#Humanstories]

The Lawyer (Honduras)

I watch the breaking news on TV. I see a man, sitting in the doorway of his car, his head wobbles gently back and forth. His gaze is blank, a little frowning, as if he is trying to grasp what just happened to him but he can’t.

01.06.2018 [#Humanstories]

Courageous People (Honduras)

She sits next to me at the table, a young woman around 30, let’s call her Ana. She tells me about her job, that she likes it a lot, but also that it is a bit complicated. What she does is quite unique in the country, and you cannot follow a course here to learn what it is about.