For whom?

Your organization wants to make the difference and contribute to a more sustainable, livable, just and 'human' world. Does it sometimes run a bit stiff and not as hoped? Or is everything okay, but do you regularly ask yourself how you can achieve even better results with more impact? Then read on.


Several guiding principles form the common thread through Humanya's work. Furthermore, our way of working is characterised by a systemic approach. Next to this, we take on different roles depending on the question or assignment. Want to know more? Read more here.

Services offered

Humanya does not provide standard advice, but always works tailor-made. Of course, this does not mean that the water needs to be reinvented every time. Expertise built up over the years, combined with up-to-date knowledge through training and refresher courses are deployed to answer the initial question together with the customer organisation.

Face Behind Humanya 

When I started my career as a recently graduated agronomist in Guatemala in the early 1990s, still during the civil war, I had no idea that the basis of my future career was laid. I was gradually bitten by everything that was not right in our society, developed a strong sense of justice, and gradually found out that I like to work with people, one-on-one, but also in groups. At the same time, I liked to observe, somewhat as an outsider, looking at what was happening in organizations and between people. Someone with a critical external view, but in connection with others, that is what characterizes me best. So, sooner or later this initiative had to come. As Humanya I facilitate, together with a network of high-quality consultants, organizations and teams wanting to change our current society - close to home or far away – into a better place to work and live.