Was this whole world...just an illusion?

28.10.2019 [#Humanstories]

I don't want to write about the police violence on the street. The word alone, come on. Contradictio in terminis, right? Ahum. Not so. I don't want to write about the military and police violence in Venezuela, in Nicaragua, in Argentina, in Brazil, in Peru, in Ecuador, in Chile, in.... In Chile? Democracy at its best, isn't it? So no. What is going on in Latin America? I don't want to talk about it.

Not about the gangs in El Salvador, not about the corruption in Guatemala, not about the narcotics traffic in Honduras and the war on drugs in Mexico.

What is going on in Latin America?

A melting pot of cultures. Of communities. Of bursting colours and music. Of traditions, of music. Of black eyes. Of nostalgia.

What is going on, is Latin America on fire?

Latin America, a continent in growth and development.


What is going on?

Is it the result of other springs? Seen it elsewhere? Is it the result of silence, acceptance and resignation, a state of silence for far too long? Social discontent? Disappointment with the "so-called" democracies?

The proverbial drop. You know.

Vomited out of a bottomless pit of repressed anger. Frustration!

I read constantly and everywhere: 'El pueblo unido jamás será vencido'.

Is that really the case?

Hasn't the common people been "vencido" for decades without knowing it? Tired? Milked out? Ignorant?

The poorer more poor, the rich even richer. You know.

Afraid of all kinds of violence that is always latently present, but not always visible, like an animal that is stirring in the dark.

And now the germ of...yes of what? A new spring?

An even darker beast? The true face of...yes of what? The lust for power?

Dictature never seems to be closer. The alpha male hidden behind a thin layer of varnish.

Was this whole world...just an illusion??