Soon: a new book on EBOCD

02.07.2018 [Noticias]

A new book on Evidence-Based Organizational Change & Development, written by prof.B.Hamlin (UK) will be published later this year. Although many books on change management and organizational development have already been written, there are still relatively few that contain authentic cases and stories, written from the perspective of the change agents or consultants involved in change processes. I had the honor to deliver a case for this book, considered from my perspective. It's about a change process in which I participated as facilitator and consultant for a government health sector agency in Honduras in 2016. The book is expected this fall.

The genesis of this proposed EBOCD book is the result of IGI Global, a major publisher in the USA inviting Prof Bob Hamlin to build on from an EBOCD focused chapter that he had contributed to “Bridging the Scholar-Practitioner Gap in Human Resources Development “, an IGI Global Premier Reference Source book edited by Claretha Hughes and Matthew W. Gosney published last year.

 Despite the plethora of books on change and change management there is a significant and notable gap in the field, with very few books allowing the authentic and candid voices and stories of change-agents/OCD practitioners being heard, and even less so of EBOCD practitioners (Burnes, 2016*).  A rare example is the Hamlin, Keep and Ash (2001) book on “Organizational Change and Development: A reflective guide for managers, trainers and developers” published by FT Prentice Hall.  Of the 23 contributors to this book 19 were OCD practitioners of whom 17 were from the UK.

The proposed EBOCD book is planned to be bigger (160,000 to 200,000 words) than the earlier book with a far more international in scope and content because of an equal balance of contributors drawn from a range of culturally diverse non-Anglo countries (if  possible) as well as from the USA and the UK.

Tentative commitments from prospective contributors have been secured already from a good number of national and internationally known ‘business academics’ who engage in EBOCD related consultancy projects in client organizations or in support of EBOCD practitioners in those organizations, as well from a good number of high profile senior managers (organizational change leaders/change champions/change agents) in household named organizations and from several external independent OCD-related management/executive coaching consultants. 

I have contributed to this book with a case about a change process within a governmental institute in the health sector in Honduras in which I have collaborated during six months in 2016.

The co-editors of the book are: Prof Bob Hamlin, University of Wolverhampton(UK), Prof Andrea Ellinger, University of Texas in Tyler (USA) an Dr Jenni Jones, University of Wolverhampton (UK).

Reference:  Burnes, B., Randall, J (2016)  "Perspectives on change: What academics, consultants and managers really think about change".